About Us

Youths Korner is an exclusive space for today’s children, teens and youths which offer wide range of programs which meticulously focus on overall development of every individual, with an holistic approach towards each age group. It is a platform where individuals express themselves, redefine the meaning of ‘Fun’ by learning all the most important skills which add a vision and more purpose to their lives.

Our Story

We live in a world where we are always left with too many things to do and too little time. This often put us in a state of anxiety about our future or regret about the past and results in continues procrastination of happiness, leaving very little chance to enjoy life to the fullest in the present moment. 

While time available in a day is uniform to all of us, in today’s competitive world, we simply don’t have an escape rout from our every day responsibilities. The intelligent skill is to raise our energy levels to strike a fine balance between things to-do and making most of the time available in a day, without being stressed.

We are a group of trained and experienced faculty of The Art of Living who offer wide range of The Art of Living programs which are exclusively designed for children, teens and youths. We also offer exclusive programs focusing on stress free teaching and stress free parenting.

How Do We Make A Difference?

The Art of Living Programs typically include the aspects which not only focus on developing and enhancing essential life skills to succeed, but also has tremendous benefits of physical and mental health which give individuals a chance to have an experience of what it means to live life without Stress. The programs often span over 3-4 days with a complete package of numerous activities throughout the program which gives a positive outlook to one’s life, giving a chance to look at life in a multi dimensional prospective, irrespective of their age group.

Breathing Techniques

Breathing Techniques

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga & Meditations

practical wisdom

Practical Wisdom

interactive sessions

Interactive Sessions

group tasks and games

Group Tasks & Games

Outdoor activities

Outdoor Fun

What people say?

I wanted to thank the teachers for all that I got in the Medha Yoga Program. I am observing a lot of positive changes in me and even people around me notice the difference in me.
Medha Yoga Participant
I am very grateful while telling that Anika (daughter) has changed a lot after coming from Mysuru. Everyday we are surprised to see her changed attitude whether it is towards academics or behavior.
Shubha (Anika's Mother)
Parent of Medha Yoga Participant
My heartfelt thanks to all teachers and volunteers who have contributed towards making a big difference in children's lives. This course is truly a blessing to all the kids.
Sudha (Vijay's Mother)
Parent of Colours of Joy Participant
Very grateful to the organizers and teachers. Kids had a fun learning and a memorable camp.
Parent of Utkarsha Yoga Participant
It's amazing to see children being so very happy and cheerful. Thanks to the teachers for your support, effort and love for children.
Parent of Prajna Yoga Participant
It's so nice to see my daughter do her practices regularly. She feels inspired when she connects to you guys. There are quite a lot of positive changes.
Kavitha (Durga's Mother)
Parent of Colours of Joy Participant