Colours of Joy

Colours of Joy is a special program exclusively for children and teens where series of residential programs along with adventure sports and community volunteering activities are planned during the vacation, in The Art of Living Mysore Ashram which give them a unique opportunity to add value to their vacation and celebrate life in true sense.

Located in the foothills of the Chamundi hills, The Art of Living Mysuru Ashram is highly secured venue with a perfect ambiance for the colours of Joy program where children and teens experience the power of breath with meditation and yoga sessions, play games, sing and dance, volunteer, build a strong bond with their friends and enjoy the adventure sport.

Colours of Joy in Mysore give children and teens a chance to become more responsible about themselves, kindles the sense of belonging and care for the world around them, overcome various negative tendencies through adventure sports and enhances dynamism. With numerous tasks and games, children and teens get a learning experience of the practical wisdom. Serene and sattvic environment in The Art of Living Mysore Ashram give children and teens a chance to fine tune their thought process, relax with breathing techniques, learn about lifestyle and food habits for healthier life.

Whether you are an educator or a parent, Colours of Joy program in Mysore is the best way to introduce your children to the path of spirituality, nurture human values, inculcate self-discipline, and develop their personality to be healthy and well-rounded.

Program Content

Breathing Exercises

Breathing Exercises

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga & Meditations

group tasks and games

Group Tasks & Games

practical wisdom

Practical Wisdom

Food Awareness

interactive sessions

Interactive Sessions

Outdoor activities

Outdoor Fun

Focus and Concentration

Techniques For Concentration

Life tips

Experiential Learning

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Utkarsha Yoga

Medha Yoga - 1

Medha Yoga - 2

Frequently Asked Questions

Colors of Joy is an exclusive program where all the 3 programs for children and teens (Utkarsha Yoga, Medha Yoga Level 1 and Level 2) are going to happen in the Art of Living Mysore ashram which is at the foothills of the Chamundi temple in Mysore. This is a unique program which also include adventure sports as a part of the program.

  • Two-way bus facility will be arranged for children coming for the program from Bangalore.
  • In the safe and secured environment at The Art of Living Mysore ashram, children will check-in to clean and hygienic 3-4 sharing rooms. (Bed-sheets and pillows will be provided)
  • During the program participating children will be provided 3 course of healthy, sattvic, vegetarian meals with snacks in the evening.
  • There will be enough number of volunteers to monitor and take care of all the children and teens participating in the program.

Yes, repeaters are also invited to participate in the program.

What people say?

I wanted to thank the teachers for all that I got in the Medha Yoga Program. I am observing a lot of positive changes in me and even people around me notice the difference in me.
Medha Yoga Participant
I am very grateful while telling that Anika (daughter) has changed a lot after coming from Mysuru. Everyday we are surprised to see her changed attitude whether it is towards academics or behavior.
Shubha (Anika's Mother)
Parent of Medha Yoga Participant
My heartfelt thanks to all teachers and volunteers who have contributed towards making a big difference in children's lives. This course is truly a blessing to all the kids.
Sudha (Vijay's Mother)
Parent of Colours of Joy Participant
Very grateful to the organizers and teachers. Kids had a fun learning and a memorable camp.
Parent of Utkarsha Yoga Participant
It's amazing to see children being so very happy and cheerful. Thanks to the teachers for your support, effort and love for children.
Parent of Prajna Yoga Participant
It's so nice to see my daughter do her practices regularly. She feels inspired when she connects to you guys. There are quite a lot of positive changes.
Kavitha (Durga's Mother)
Parent of Colours of Joy Participant