SPLASH - for youths

SPLASH is a unique program designed exclusively for youths between 18-30 years of age group. It is an Art of Living program which comes with a complete package of all essential skill development with interactive sessions, group activities, tasks, breathing techniques and tools which give individuals an experiential learning of excelling in today’s competitive world without getting stressed. 

Today’s world outside demand not just the domain skills, but the life skills to deal with practical situations where one’s decision making skills, problem solving abilities, and emotional intelligence is tested at every level.

If you would have observed, when there were no exams around the corner, you are typically relaxed but not so focused. During the time of exam, you are trying to focus, but not relaxed. Two different situations, two drastic change in the state of mind. The formula for success is to have a skill to stay calm yet highly focused. 

This format of The Art of Living Program in past have been part of the program in institutions like Harvard University, Stanford University, IIMs, IITs, IISc, All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS), World Bank, Google Inc., IBM and thousands of reputed companies. SPLASH is a program which focus on tapping potentials in an individual by developing such unique skills and abilities which help you find success. 


It is quite easy to get carried away with our own thoughts about the world, ourselves and our abilities. Many times we act according to what other person feel. In SPLASH program, you learn these important skills to strengthen your mind which helps you in decision making skills and give confidence to face real life challenges.


The growing demand to keep performing consistently may drain your energy to give one hundred percent all the time. The pressure around you may force you to take alternate decisions or give up! The tools and techniques thought in the SPLASH program give you all essential skills to handle pressure, enhance your multi-tasking ability, focus better and overcome challenges.


The abilities to repose and relax is equally essential to keep yourself up to the mark all the time. Learn the pranayams, meditations and breathing techniques which are extremely powerful in removing stress causing toxins from your body and help you de-stress instantly.


We always love to be in the company of people who are joyful, energetic and happy. These qualities are contagious! Break through your barriers with the tasks, group activities and interactive sessions in the SPLASH program and acquire a cool attitude and a personality which attract positive vibes around you.  


Often we don’t give ourselves a chance to express ourselves one hundred percent because we fear failure. The fear of failure never give us a chance to bring up our creative and innovative ways to deal with situations and problems of life. In SPLASH program, one goes through engaging and interactive processes which help in surmounting the fear of failure which never led you to be your true self.


You never know the power of your smile until you learn the ways of being Happy unconditionally without associating your happiness with any person or a situation. Acquire abilities to have an undying smile, come what may! 

Program Content

Breathing Exercises

Breathing Exercises

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga & Meditations

group tasks and games

Group Tasks & Games

practical wisdom

Practical Wisdom

Food Awareness

interactive sessions

Interactive Sessions

Outdoor activities

Outdoor Fun

Focus and Concentration

Techniques For Concentration

Life tips

Experiential Learning

Frequently Asked Questions

SPLASH is an exclusive program for youths between 18 to 30 years.

Yes. If you are aged between 18-30 years, you can surely sign-up for SPLASH.